restaurant guide

restaurant guide

Ben Pelhan

        for SES

in this famous moment in film, Doc Holiday played by the famous Val Kilmer mocks Johnny Ringo played by the less famous Michael Biehn who turns out to be the terminator terminator in the first Terminator but now he is a gun slinger twirling his silver plated six shooter like a flag girl so Doc takes his tin cup shot glass cup and spins, not twirls, it like Johnny Depp playing Sam the caricature of busterkeatoncharliechaplin the silent film star in Benny & Joon (not how I would spell it). honestly, as far as film is concerned it wasn’t that famous. and the cup was empty, of course.

speaking of silver plated --

Mr. Cantu
makes sushi
according to an article I
read on the internet
about an article somebody
read in The New Yorker
about a restaurant
in Chicago
called Moto
(definition:        movement)

but he uses edible
paper, organic food-
based ink and a Canon
inkjet printer to print
the food. so I guess
it’s not really anything like                                        real

me, I try to spin, but end up twirling, a cigarette in front of the mirror though I don’t smoke. I’m practicing to impress my friends among whom one will call me a camera and I will deny it but she will put it into poetry so it must be true and says I am a camera with a beard, that’s how I know it was me. I pretend the cigarette is a cup, of course.

        Mr. Cantu makes sushi.

he calls the second course of the five
course dinner "your previous
meal in a new way."