Jason Morris

                                                                  Wake the names of the years into money
                                                                  One thousand nine hundred forty
                                                                  You gonna keep that, kid?
                                                                  Or sweated over open grave
                                                                  Lots of rock dug
                                                                  Streaming Japanese pirated copy
                                                                  THE END
                                                                  I wish to watch whatever I wish whenever I want
                                                                  That was some collapse
                                                                  Back there
                                                                  As waves of city light recede
                                                                  Here come the Nazis on skis
                                                                  Is that really what I’m seeing
                                                                  Hellacious zombie dirt journey
                                                                  THE END
                                                                  Boy that sure was some accident
                                                                  Back there
                                                                  What a pileup
                                                                  What a disaster
                                                                  Good thing we’re getting
                                                                  Outta town
                                                                  Good thing we’re only watching
                                                                  Blurred in streaming sections
                                                                  Is this live
                                                                  Sickening sway
                                                                  THE END
                                                                  Flexed suspension cables
                                                                  Can that be really what I think it is
                                                                  Such shameful fun
                                                                  "Man Conquers the Deep"
                                                                  Alone in my living room